Brief history about the company,
and our plans for the future.

The field of personal hygiene has forever changed as a result of COVID-19. CRS is at the forefront of developing hygiene solutions that are innovative, effective, affordable and most importantly, safe.

Hygiene is a basic human right, which is why CRS develops products and solutions that can be utilised by every person on a daily basis. Whether you are an individual or a corporation, CRS has a solution for you. As one of the only companies using pure, un-denatured ethanol, our products are free from harmful solvents and additives, making them the purest way to treat personal hygiene.

With a professional facility that holds over 24000L of 99,99% ethanol, CRS has the ability to manufacturer and tailor make hygiene solutions for your business too.


To view our company profile for 2020 please download here – CRS Profile 2020.


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